If you’re considering hiring a Surrey painting services company, spring is a good time to start exterior house painting. With grey skies and clouds giving way to brighter days, many homeowners notice the beating their home’s exterior took over the winter. It may be because they, like many of us, have been hunkered down and hibernating somewhat through the fall and winter, and notice the issues that become more obvious as the sunlight of the new season becomes more frequent.

While it does rain in spring, there are usually enough successive dry days to permit exterior painting. With that in mind, we’ve listed the top 5 exterior house painting service requests Blue Chip Painting receives each spring.

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1)   Exterior Doors, Window Trim, and Stairs

If most of your Surrey home’s exterior is in good shape, painting exterior doors, window trim and stairs can quickly renew the look of your exterior. Trim and stairs typically weather faster than exterior siding and may need a touch-up more often for both aesthetic appeal and moisture and rot prevention. Painting these areas is also a relatively quick way to give a new “look” to your home. If your current trim and doors are a similar colour to your house’s exterior, you could try a contrasting paint colour or white.

2)   Porches and Decks

Front porches really show the effects of fall and winter weather. Rain, snow, and salt tracked upon them by boots, can wear paint and stain and leave them dry, peeling and cracked. Painting porches and decks can really spruce up your home’s exterior and add “curb appeal” if you are selling your home. Repainting the front patio window trim, railings and staining the porch deck can be completed in just a couple of days. If you have a patio deck at the rear of your house, why not get it ready for late spring and summer barbecues?

3)   Paint or Stain Wood Fences

In spring, wooden fences begin to show the effects of fall and winter weather. They may appear dull and dry or be discoloured by algae or mold. Scraping, painting or staining not only makes them look great, but protects the wood. Painting fences once every few years will extend the life of the wood.

4)   Don’t Forget the Garage

Many Surrey house owners neglect painting the garage, because they’d rather spend their hard-earned money painting their home. If you take a drive down an alley, you’ll notice many great looking houses with garages that look dreadful. Neglecting the garage can cost you more in the long run if you must replace siding or trim because it wasn’t maintained. Re-painting is maintenance! Fresh paint protects siding, stucco and wood trim, making them last longer.

5)   Full Exterior House Painting

Complete exterior painting is possible in spring. The work may take a little longer than in summer, because of unexpected rain interrupting a stretch of dry days, but it is safe to do if the surfaces being painted are properly prepared and dry.

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