A painting services customer can tell if they’ve hired a truly professional Surrey painting company by watching the behaviour of its employees. If employees are careless in their work habits, use foul language or treat your home and its belongings with disrespect, it’s a reflection of the company as a whole and often shows in the quality (or lack thereof) of the work. Bad behaviour on-the-job illustrates a lack of leadership that trickles down to the customer and the quality of the painting job.

At Blue Chip Painting, we take great care to ensure that our people behave professionally. While we are highly-skilled and experienced painters, painting is only one aspect of the job. For a Surrey BC painting company to truly succeed long-term, professional decorum is a must.

On-the-job Behaviours Every Surrey Painting Company Should Avoid

Arriving on the job at “whenever o’clock”

Some painting companies play fast and loose with time. To them, a promised 10 a.m. start time might mean “somewhere between 10 am and noon”. This is obviously frustrating to the customer because late start times mean shorter work days, so the job takes longer than quoted, and it’s disrespectful of a customer’s time. Customers have their own schedules that are as equally important as the painting company’s schedule.

How Blue Chip Painting handles time

When we say we’ll arrive at 10 a.m. that’s when we arrive (give or take a few minutes in case of traffic or other unavoidable situations). We believe that professional painters should be punctual. If ever we need to start later, we okay it with the customer in advance to ensure that the start time works for them as well.

Failing to clean up at the end of the day

While it may be more convenient for a painting company’s employees to leave tools, paint cans, tarps, ladders, and other equipment lying around, it’s an inconvenience to the customer. By failing to pick up after themselves painters may be creating hazards for themselves and the customer.

How Blue Chip Painting handles cleanup

During the workday we keep the work area and your home as orderly as possible, and at the end of the day, we either remove our equipment or store it neatly out of the way.

Being careless with a customer’s belongings

Being careless is often a result of impatience to get the job done. Some Surrey painting companies treat a customer’s belongings as impediments to their work. They hurry to complete the prep work and as the saying goes “haste makes waste”. Impatience with this very important aspect of a painter’s job leads to accidents: damaged belongings, scratched floors from dragging furniture, dinged walls or floors and/or paint stains.

How Blue Chip painting handles your belongings

We regard prep work as equally important as the painting itself. Before we paint, we cover all surfaces that are vulnerable to paint spatter. We move furniture carefully, avoiding bumping into walls or scraping hardwood or laminate floors. We don’t hurry though preparatory steps, because we know the better we prepare your home, the better the finished job will be.

Using foul language, talking loudly, behaving boisterously

Too often,  painters don’t regard the effect that foul language or loud talking (or yelling) can have on the customer, their family and neighbours. This casual disregard for simple verbal decorum can create an atmosphere where the customer feels awkward or uncomfortable in their own home.

How Blue Chip painting handles verbal decorum

The Blue Chip Painting team uses respectful language befitting an employee of professional Surrey painting company. They key word here is “professional”. Professional painters care about the effect their behaviour has on the customer, family members, neighbours, and the work they are doing. You won’t find our painters cussing on the job, yelling to be heard, or “crankin’ the tunes” from a boom box. It’s unacceptable behaviour that is bad for the customer and bad for business.

Hire a Professional Surrey Painting Company

If you are considering painting your home or business, contact Blue Chip Painting or request a free painting estimate. Jeremy and his team take professionalism seriously. Our great work and excellent customer service are why more Surrey painting customers are choosing Blue Chip.