Free Painting Estimate

Looking for commercial or residential painting estimates for your Surrey, BC home or commercial property? We can provide a rough estimate based on information you enter in the form below.

How long do painting estimates take?

To complete a residential painting estimate typically takes 1-2 hours at your home. A strata or commercial exterior or interior painting estimate may require additional time to document the condition of the areas being painted, before a quote can be provided.

What information do you need for a painting estimate?

In the “Description of Project” area of the form, please provide the following:

  • Type of property: e.g. house, apartment, strata, office, building.
  • For an interior painting estimate: number of rooms, names of rooms (e.g. bedroom, den, basement, office), type of painting (e.g. walls, ceilings, trim, windows sills/casements).
  • For exterior house painting estimates: list all surfaces that require painting (e.g. stucco, siding, trim, doors, stairs and stair rails, window casements, fences, decks).
  • For strata buildings or commercial properties: list all areas to be painted.
  • Current condition of areas being painted.
  • Preferred start date and completion date.

Are your commercial & residential painting estimates accurate?

Our painting estimates are usually very close to the final cost. We consult with each client thoroughly before we put the estimate in writing. The more information you provide, the more accurate the estimate. It’s important for prospective clients to understand that an estimate is a best approximation of the project costs. If a client forgets to mention required work, adds additional work, or additional work is required because of unforeseen circumstances, costs may increase.

If you require a painting estimate for your home, s