Most Surrey house painters would agree that exterior painting is the most economical way to beautify a house without costly remodelling. When the right colour scheme is selected and the painting technique is done correctly, an exterior paint job truly can transform your house, increasing its aesthetic appeal, character, charm and even resale value.

While some house painters in Surrey will do the job without first suggesting an exterior inspection prior to painting, doing so can cause numerous problems down the road. What if the painting is complete and a few weeks or months later the paint job is ruined because obvious problems were ignored? Perhaps underlying wood rot or mold bleeds through the new paint job. Maybe gutters or downpipes were in disrepair and rust-coloured run off stains the newly painted exterior. The cost of repairing these problems before painting is small compared to the cost of repairing them later and re-painting because of the damage they caused.

You don’t have to hire someone to do an inspection, although it’s a good idea if you haven’t consistently maintained your home’s exterior. The simple checklist below can help you identify problems to fix before hiring house painters.

House Exterior Inspection List

Blue Chip Painting can perform an inspection when we come to your home to provide a painting estimate. Alternatively, you can do the inspection yourself. Prior to hiring Surrey painters, inspect the following.

Paint deterioration
Make a note of paint that is cracked, flaking or faded and look for surfaces that have been painted many times without first scraping away old paint.

Mold and mildew

Look for mold and mildew stains. They may be a sign of water run off from blocked or damaged gutters and downpipes or water ingress from cracked surfaces or leaking in-wall pipes.

Gutters and downpipes
On a rainy day, inspect water run off from the roof and roof drainage. Are gutters or downpipe clogs or leaks causing run-off? Is water splashing onto exterior surfaces? Are exterior walls stained?

Window sills and frames, door frames
Are wooden door and window frames and sills in good condition or do they need replacing or repairing? Are there any signs of leaking such as water ingress or condensation? Is caulking or weather-stripping dry, cracked, or mildew stained?

Exterior walls or siding
Are exterior walls or siding cracked, sagging, bulging, damp, or “wavy” from warping?

Patios and decks
Are wooden patios or decks warping, buckling, cracking or fading? Are there signs of wood rot or mold and mildew on the decking or railings?

Front and rear stairs and railings
Are there steps, spindles or railings that need replacing? Are there cracks, signs of mold of wood rot, loose nail or warped boards?

Foundations and other concrete structures
Does the house foundation have cracks or signs of deteriorations such as crumbling? Are there signs of mold or mildew? Is there staining from constant dampness?

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