Anyone who has lived in the Lower Mainland of BC for some time, will tell you that fall and winter can become oppressive. Blue Chip, your Surrey painters, has an answer that doesn’t involve therapy: interior paint! If you’re feeling a little down this fall and winter, it’s amazing what fresh, bright paint can do to liven things up and make you feel better about being in your home.

Because our painting services are guaranteed, you can rest assured that the job will be completed to your standards, and Blue Chip’s high standards.

The following are a few tips that can bring some summery brightness into your home in fall and winter.

Paint Rooms You Spend the Most Time In

If you don’t want to paint the entire interior of your home, paint the rooms you spend the most time in, or entertain in. Some obvious candidates are the living room and kitchen — often hubs of activity in any home. If you spend a lot of time entertaining, consider the dining room, too. If you focus on one or two rooms, it’s easier to change things up when winter ends and you want something new for spring or summer.

Choose Light Interior Paint Tones

If darkness is a problem in your home, choose white or light-toned paints for ceilings, walls and trim. Experienced Surrey house painters, like Blue Chip Painting, have the knowledge and experience to help you choose the right colours and paints for your home. If you need some suggestions, ask Jeremy. He’s always happy to help.

If you are covering mid-toned to dark-toned paint remember that it could take 2 or 3 coats to cover the old paint.

Repaint Dark Accent Walls

If your home has dark accent walls that contrast with main wall paint, consider brightening the accent wall. You can keep the wall within the same tonal family but bring it up a few steps in lightness, which can result in a significant increase in the room’s brightness.

Paint those Dull Ceilings

Ceilings, even “white” ceilings can become dull and dirty over time. If you haven’t painted your home’s ceilings for awhile, this one change can greatly improve a room’s brightness. Years of accumulated dust and grime affect a ceiling’s reflective properties. This is especially true for “popcorn” ceilings. By repainting the ceiling white, you maximize light reflection.

Lose the Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings reflect less light than untextured ceilings. Texture attracts dust and dirt, further darkening a room. If the darkness is a real problem in your home, consider removing texture from ceilings. Removing popcorn from ceilings and then painting them white has a huge impact that brightens and modernizes the look of your home. There are two ways to remediate popcorn ceilings: scrape, mud and paint, or, drywall over existing popcorn, mud and paint.

Consider A Room’s Lighting

Finally, consider whether a room’s lighting is part of the problem. While a light-coloured paint goes a long way to brightening up a home, fixing lighting issues often creates dramatic improvement. There are several elements to lighting: the type of lighting (table lamp vs. floor lamp vs. ceiling light), the type of light (incandescent vs. fluorescent vs. LED) and the surroundings that reflect or absorb that light.

If rooms are currently lit with small accent lighting (table lamps for example), you may be able to make a room much brighter by adding tall torchieres, floor lamps or a swag. Remember to lighten up the lamp shade, too! If you currently use tinted bulbs that give off a yellowish light, consider frosted soft-white bulbs. Get the most out of your lighting, whichever you choose, by brightening up the room’s reflective elements: use lighter window treatments and blinds, choose lighter textiles for furniture, and add a mirror or two to reflect even more light and give the room a larger feel.

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