Now that summer is over, find your to-do list and consider how new house paint can help you end the year on a colourful note. Fall is the perfect time to hire Surrey house painters, like Blue Chip Painting, to attend to those neglected interior painting jobs. For home owners, Blue Chip Painting is a great choice because of their experience and painting guarantee.

House Painting to Beat the Fall and Winter Blues

The Lower Mainland receives about 166 days of rain per year — sometimes for a week or more at a time! That’s a lot of dark days that can dampen the spirits of even the most cheerful of personalities. While Vitamin D can help, so can new interior paint for your Surrey home. Consider the value of lightening up the interior when it’s dark and dreary outside. White and off-white as a main colour for walls and ceilings will reflect a lot of ambient light; touches of warm colour can bring a little summer energy indoors in the fall and winter; green evokes thoughts of growth and renewal (a little springtime indoors); and, red and orange in touches or accents can increase energy and stimulate the senses.

While some Surrey, BC house painters will try to talk you out of bold colour choices, Jeremy at Blue Chip Painting will work with your choices and help you understand how vibrant colour — done correctly in the right proportions — can breathe new life into dull interiors.

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Empty Nester? Convert that Extra Room to an Office and Paint for Success

If you’re an empty-nester, maybe it’s time to turn that unused bedroom into an office. Office interior painting doesn’t have to be boring. Colour can inspire work, creativity and success. A feature wall or touches of colour to trim, and even doors, can turn your new home office into a creation you’ll be proud to work in.

Still Have Kids? Paint for Fun and Inspiration

If you have kids, especially school-aged children, you know how their bedrooms are a sanctum for schoolwork, reading, listening to music and hangin’ with friends. Why not let your child’s room colour reflect their personality and inspire creativity?  Involve your children in picking their room’s interior paint colours (with a watchful eye 😉 and consult Jeremy about colour schemes for kids.

Paint Interiors Before the Season’s Parties

‘Tis the season for get-togethers, dinners and parties! With Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching, you may want to consider the following interior painting ideas before the season is upon us:

Kitchen Painting
If your family is like many, you probably spend a lot of time in the kitchen — a central hub of activity in many homes. Whether you are eating with your family, having friends over, or hosting a dinner, the kitchen is gathering place before and after the meal. Consider re-painting kitchen doors and trim for a quick change. An inviting kitchen paint scheme is easy to create with a little planning.

Entertainment Room Painting
If you’ve gone to the trouble and expense of dedicating a room of your home to entertainment, remember that paint is the quickest way to reinvigorate an entertainment room that has become a little stale. Before you begin entertaining friends and family this season, talk to Jeremy about an entertainment room makeover. An entertainment room can be a quick job and include ceilings, walls, and wall and window trim.

Gingerbread is not just for Christmas – Paint Your Home’s Interior Gingerbread
“Gingerbread” is a term sometimes used to describe a home’s more ornate wood working and construction elements like trim, molding, filigree and other fine detail that give a home its unique character and charm. There is no rule that says your Surrey home’s trim paint must be the same in every room. Consider different trim colour for different rooms.

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Need Some More House Interior Painting Ideas for Your Surrey BC Home?

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