At the start of this new year, you may have made a few personal New Year’s resolutions, but have you given your Surrey commercial painting resolutions any thought? New Year’s resolutions are a good way to turn the page on what’s past and set goals toward your business success in the new year. If you’re considering painting your Surrey office or building, Blue Chip Painting can help you make it easier to achieve your goals. We are one of few Surrey painting companies that guarantees its work. Check out our commercial painting gallery for a few examples of our completed painting jobs.

Year of the What?

2019 is the “year of the pig” in the Chinese zodiac. The pig is the twelfth animal of the zodiac’s twelve-animal cycle, symbolizing wealth and good fortune. New paint for your Surrey office can directly or indirectly attract more clients and help you build wealth. Business painting can provide benefits that can improve your bottom line. Your building, reception area and offices reflect the way you do business. Nothing screams “We don’t care” like an unkempt office with an old paint job. First impressions mean a lot in this world. It’s an unfortunate truth that people often do judge a book by its cover. So, if your business premises are shabby, people may make the same assumptions about you and your services or products.

If, on the other hand, a potential client walks into your offices and the first thing they notice is how well put together and clean your space is, they’re more likely to make the same assumptions about your offerings and how you conduct your business.

So, this “year of the pig” may bring your business more wealth and good fortune if you also make it “The year of the building, reception area and offices”.

The Year the Building Exterior

If you own a Surrey office building, don’t neglect exterior painting. A fresh coat of paint and/or stain can make an old weathered exterior look new again and protects the building from further aging and wear from the elements. Whether your building needs exterior painting, hallway or parkade painting, the BlueChip team are experts at tackling commercial painting, while keeping disruption to a minimum.

The Year of the Reception Area

An office reception area is often the first impression a new customer gets of your business. Reception area painting can often be completed quickly and doesn’t usually require closing the office. Reception area painting can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your business. Not only can Blue Chip Painting do the work, we’ll make recommendations for colour and treatments (such as trim and molding painting) that will work with your décor.

The Year of the Office

If your Surrey office paint is looking dull and boring or scuffed and scraped, it negatively affects two sides of the same coin: customers and employees. Your customers will notice a drab paint job and so will your employees.

Here’s a fun fact: a fresh paint job may positively affect the emotions of both customers and employees. Painting your Surrey offices instills a sense of order, and order is key to emotional equilibrium or positive emotions according to several studies.

In 2011, a study at Princeton University revealed that clutter and disorder make it more difficult to focus on tasks, allocate attention and complete tasks efficiently. If you’re Surrey office paint is looking old and drab, it will add to a sense of disorder that may reduce your employees’ productivity or job satisfaction.

In 2010, a study at Indiana University found that people with clean homes are healthier than those with cluttered, unkempt homes. It’s not a stretch to imagine that the psychological impact of cleanliness extends to businesses where we  spend at least one third of our day. The study also revealed that people who have clean homes are also more active.

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