If you are like many homeowners, you dream of remodeling your home, and like many, you may put it off because of budgetary concerns. Remodeling is expensive, often time consuming, and can be a major disruption. What if there was a way to breathe new life into your house or apartment that doesn’t break the bank or turn your life (and your home) upside down? There is! Hire Blue Chip Painting — a premier Surrey BC painters.

The Benefits of Hiring Surrey BC Painters Instead of Renovation

There are many benefits to painting your Surrey home rather than renovating, are many.

Painting is:

  • Cost effective
    Surrey, BC residential painting is a fraction of the cost of most major renovations. Dollar for dollar, painting goes much further to affect a positive change in a home.
  • Impermanent and easy to change
    Paint is eminently changeable. If, in a few years, you want to try a different colour scheme for your home, you can paint again. A renovation on the other hand, is not so flexible. Making changes frequently mean “re-renovation” or another major, costly and disruptive round of tear-outs, renovation, plus re-painting.
  • Far less disruptive
    Renovations can take many weeks or even months to complete. Meanwhile, you and your family live with the inconvenience, mess, noise and the invasion of your space. Painting is frequently completed in days and at most a few weeks for large exterior or multi-room jobs. Painting your Surrey home is less disruptive, minimally invasive, and doesn’t come with the inherent noise of renovation.
  • Dramatic changes occur quickly
    Well-planned interior and exterior painting dramatically change the appearance of your home much quicker than renovation. Blue Chip Painting can help you develop a detailed plan for interior and exterior wall, trim, door and window frames. All of these details, working together, result in a dramatic “Wow!” effect that changes both the personality and psychological impact of your home.

10 Home Makeover Ideas from BlueChip Painting

Here are just a few ideas from Blue Chip Painting — Surrey BC painters chosen by discerning home owners. Painting the following areas of your home will dramatically improve its aesthetic appeal.

  1. Walls
    Fresh wall paint goes a long way to re-invigourating the look of your Surrey home. Wall paint can be conservative and fresh, bold and colourful, or a combination of both. Walls can be painted one solid colour and can also be painting more than one colour. Consider two tones, such as a faux or real chair rail.
  2. Baseboards
    Baseboards get scuffed by vacuums, shoes and other objects. A fresh coat of paint will quickly clean them up and provide an attractive contrast with your walls.
  3. Ceilings
    A newly painted ceiling dramatically brightens a room, increases reflected light and makes the room appear crisp and clean. Clean ceilings make you go “Ahhhh”.
  4. Crown moldings
    As with baseboards, a fresh coat of paint on crown moldings livens up room and really highlights the beauty of this classic trim. Before you commit to a colour scheme, take a look online for wall and trim colour combinations that appeal to you, or simply ask Jeremy Dobson, Blue Chip Painting’s owner, For a referral to a professional colour consultant.
  5. Window moldings
    New contrasting window molding paint has a significant impact on a home’s appeal. Details like moldings are what provide contrast, visual interest and variety to interior and exterior colour schemes.
  6. Doors
    Doors, like walls can quickly be renewed by paint, and, like walls, doors can be painted in colour schemes that are conservative, bold and anywhere in between.
  7. Door frames and molding
    Like any molding, door moldings and frames add character to your home. Accent colour on door frames and moldings can make an otherwise dull looking room come alive.
  8. Kitchen cabinets and trim
    While you save pennies for your dream kitchen cabinet reno, consider a fresh coat of paint on cabinet facings and trim. Whether your cabinets are made of wood, melamine or MDF, fresh paint and trim colour dramatically improve an outdated or drab appearance.
  9. Fireplace mantles or surrounds (both real and faux fireplaces)
    If you have an old fireplace mantle or surround in wood or faux wood, consider paint and trim paint. Painting your Surrey home’s tired old fireplace mantle can create an interesting and appealing focus for the room.
  10. Old wood flooring
    If your old home or apartment has a wood floor that is in dire need of replacement, consider painting it instead. If your old wood flooring seems beyond repair, you can lengthen its lifespan, reduce waste, and create an eye-catching feature by renewing it with paint. Wood flooring can be painted with semi-gloss, high-gloss, matte or milk paints. Each paint type creates a different effect. Even with gloss paints, some grain will show through. With milk paints more grain shows while giving your floor an “antiqued” appeal.

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