Now is the perfect time to plan those less-often-considered Surrey painting services that you may have forgotten to add to your home or apartment improvement checklist. Now is good time to book for summer or early fall interior painting. Why? In the summer, Surrey painters are often booked solid doing exterior painting work, so it’s important to book as soon as you can.

We recommend planning a to-do list now and then contacting Jeremy to schedule those interior jobs you may have missed, or didn’t consider.

Interior walls and ceilings are obvious choices for interior painting, therefore, this list serves as a reminder of those areas that are easily overlooked.

1) Closets

Closet interiors and closet doors are frequently neglected. A freshly painted closet just feels better! While the interior is not often seen, you may cringe at the scrapes, dents, or fingerprints that can no longer be wiped away. Just like other painted surfaces, closet interior paint has a lifespan, and becomes dirty, discoloured and marred. Perhaps your closet has never been painted and is currently a dark colour. Fresh coats of durable, light or off-white paint brightens up closet interiors dramatically and can actually make it easier to see your closet contents — even with the light off.

2) Fireplace surrounds

Because fireplace surrounds are so often the focal point of a room, if their colour or appearance is starting to look dated, they can become a source of frustration for a homeowner. Replacing a surround can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive. Whether your current fireplace surround is wood, MDF, or wood laminate, new paint will transform its appearance. Painting a surround saves you time and money and is less wasteful. Before tearing out your perfectly functional fireplace surround and sending it the landfill, consider having it painted.

View our Surrey interior painting gallery.

3) Garage & basement floors

Many Surrey painters won’t paint floors. Blue Chip Painting does! We bring our expertise and pride of craft to every job including garage and basement floors. Garage and basement floors become dirty, stained, cracked, and can be an eyesore in an otherwise clean space. Often made of concrete, garage and basement floors can be filled and cleaned and then painted with 1-part epoxy paints. These paint-sealants are available in many colours and often do not require a primer coat. Epoxy paint/sealants are moisture resistant, dry thick and hard, resist oil, grease and “hot tire pickup” (the pealing of floor paint that can be caused by warm or hot vehicle tires).

4) Offices

Whether your Surrey commercial office interior requires painting or your home office needs freshening up, Blue Chip Painting can help. Painting walls, ceilings (including hanging ceilings), doors and trim will liven up a drab looking office quickly. The dramatic improvement pays dividends. A dreary commercial office leaves a negative impression upon guests and can even affect the morale of employees. A clean, well maintained office interior says you care about your clients and your staff.

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5) Strata and apartment building interiors

Summer is a great time to start planning interior painting of townhomes, condominiums and apartments. Bluechip painting can paint nearly any strata common property, including: hallways, doors, trim, stairwells and common area rooms. Strata and apartment interior painting is minimally disruptive and results in a vast improvement. Jeremy and his team at Blue Chip Painting have years of experience working with strata and apartment managers.

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