Not all homeowners realize how important painting preparation is to the quality of a Surrey painter’s work. While knowing what products to choose and having solid painting technique is important for a job well done, preparation is the foundation of high quality, long-lasting results.

To save time and increase profit for a given job, there are painting companies in Surrey that will either perform cursory surface preparation or forgo it altogether. In those cases, your newly painted home may look good at a glance or for short while, but sooner or later, the corner cutting will become noticeable. You may have to fight the original painter to repaint at no cost (good luck with that as most companies don’t offer our workmanship guarantee) or will outsource to another painting company to do touch-ups if they are busy.

The importance of painting preparation cannot be overstated. Painting preparation results in:

  • Longer-lasting paint
  • Aesthetically pleasing results
  • Maximum paint adhesion
  • Better coverage or fewer coats of paint
  • Better protection from moisture, mold, algae and rot

How Do the Best Surrey Painters Prepare for Painting?

Surrey painters who care about a job well done, such as Blue Chip Painting, take time to properly prepare surfaces before painting begins.

Painting preparation includes:

  • Power washing your home’s exterior
  • Removing grease and grime
  • Scraping away loose, old paint
  • Removing/cleaning algae and moss, mold and mildew
  • Complete stripping of paint or stain if required
  • Applying sealer to decks and patios when needed
  • Caulking(sealing) cracks and small gaps
  • Applying primer to new wood before painting
  • Making recommendations for surface replacement. For example, wood is beginning to rot or crack badly, replacing it before painting makes sense

What Happens if Painting Preparation is Neglected?

If your Surrey painter neglects painting preparation (or does it badly) here’s how it can affect the different areas of your home’s interior and exterior.

Wood siding
If wood siding isn’t prepared before painting or staining, wood will become dry and cracks will form, paint will not properly adhere and will flake and crack (including deep crack patterns known as “alligatoring”). Moisture will penetrate the wood which can weaken it and cause rot or mold and even water ingress into your home.

Exterior window casements, trim and sills
Exterior window casements, sills and trim must be protected from moisture caused by rain, snow and condensation. Moisture weakens wood fibres and may cause rot or mold. Casements, sills and trim also have many joints that are susceptible to water ingress.

Stair treads and risers
Exterior staircases see a lot of wear. They’re used daily and in all weather. Frequent use, dirt, oil, salt and grime from shoes and boots, quickly take their toll if the wood isn’t prepared before painting. Paint flaking, deep cracks, exposed bare wood, and wood rot are common problems that good preparation can drastically minimize.

Decks and patios
Decks and patios are usually exposed to wet weather and the sun’s harmful rays. Whether you use paint, or stain and sealer, deck and patio wood must be cleaned and prepped. Correct preparation will assure maximum adhesion and protection. Improperly prepared deck and patio wood will quickly show wear.

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