Finding a Surrey painting company is easy, since there are many to choose from, but finding skilled, experienced painters who care as much about customer service as they do their painting, takes some homework. Customer service tends to be an afterthought for some painters in Surrey, yet how a company treats their customers should be integral to the way they do business.

What Some Surrey Painters Don’t Know About Customer Service

In any business, including Surrey painting companies, customer service is the key to a company’s survival. Traditionally, trades people focus on the painting work and put little energy into the customer service aspect of their profession.

The most professional painting companies take customer care seriously, because:

  • A happy customer is a return customer
  • A happy customer will tell a few people, but an unhappy customer will tell many
  • It costs more to find new painting customers than it does to keep an existing customer
  • Customers share their experiences online


70% of customers surveyed in a study titled, “How Important is Customer Service to Success in Business?” said they’re willing to spend 17% more to do business with a company that provides great customer service. Regardless, the Blue Chip Painting team has always understood that treating customers the way we expect to be treated and providing high value for our customer’s dollar is one of the keys to our longevity in the painting business.

The Blue Chip Painting Approach to Customer Service

As a premier Surrey painting company, customer service is central to our daily operations. It’s as important as the attention to detail we put into painting your home.

For each painting job we deliver, large or small, our customers receive our utmost attention and commitment, from initial consultation and quote, to final inspection and approval of the finished project. Our customer service includes:

  • A workmanship guarantee that exceeds what other painters offer
  • Free consultations
  • Detailed preparation of the surfaces to be painted
  • Patient, exacting work. We take the time needed to do the job well
  • Care in your home and around your belongings
  • Professional, courteous behaviour (we don’t blare music or curse on the job)
  • End-of-day and end-of-job cleanup
  • Willingness to listen to customers and take feedback (positive and negative)

How to Know if a Surrey Painting Company Provides Good Customer Service

If you’re searching for painters in Surrey, there are a few clues that indicate the level of customer service they provide. These clues can be found by searching the painting company’s website, social media and other reliable online sources.

The following may indicate that a Surrey painting company provides excellent customer service:

  • Positive reviews far outweigh negative reviews
    Are there a significant number of negative reviews compared to positive?
  • Most reviews are customer-generated and verifiable
    While reviews on a website may indicate that the company has happy customers, reviews can easily be made up. Reviews on external sites, particularly user-generated reviews, are probably bona fide. You’ll find Blue Chip reviews on HomeStars, Better Business Bureau, and Google.
  • A strong Better Business Bureau rating
    Blue Chip Painting has been BBB accredited since 2007 and has earned their A+ rating.
  • A painting guarantee in writing
    At Blue Chip Painting, not only do we tell you about our guarantee, we publish all the details, including the fine print!
  • The painting company has been in business for several years
    While there are many Surrey painters who’ve only been in business a short while, longevity in business is often an indicator that the company provides good customer service. Blue Chip Painting has provided full-service, full time painting services since 2006.
  • The painting company has liability insurance
  • An extensive gallery of completed painting jobs
    If a Surrey painting company doesn’t have many happy customers, they probably won’t have much work to showcase. In the Blue Chip Painting website’s gallery, you’ll find numerous photos in several painting categories (commercial painting, multi-unit residential, residential interior and exterior).

Get Great Painting and Customer Service from Blue Chip Painting

Whether you need residential or commercial painting, work with Blue Chip Painting – one of Surrey’s most trusted painting companies. Our customers love us because of the quality of our work and outstanding customer service.

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