The best Surrey painters know the importance of “curb appeal”. And what is curb appeal? It’s how attractive your house appears from the street or sidewalk. Good curb appeal leaves potential buyers with a positive feeling about your home, and as the saying goes “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

Increasing the curb appeal of your house doesn’t have to mean a full-on renovation, because Blue Chip’s experienced Surrey house painters can transform your home with new paint and stain. Whether your home is in ready-to-move-in shape or will require interior or exterior repairs and upgrades after the purchase, one thing is certain: if people driving or walking by your home don’t like how it looks, they’ll move on, and your house may be on the market a lot longer than you wish.

The Psychology of Curb Appeal

As mentioned, a newly painted Surrey house can help attract buyers; whether or not the house needs repairs, upgrades or renovations. Aesthetics have a psychological effect on consumers, and like it or not, people do judge a book (your house) by its cover (exterior paint).

Imagine the following scenario. You need dental work but need to find a dentist. You walk by a dental office and wonder whether you should make an appointment, but from the outside the office looks shabby. The paint is peeling and the signage is dirty. Even if the office does the best dental work in town, many people will assume the exact opposite based on that first impression and go elsewhere.

The bottom line
People on the market for a Surrey house aren’t just looking at your house, they’re imagining what it looks like inside by taking cues from how the house exterior paint looks. They’re also imagining themselves living in the house, imagining what their friends and family will think of it and how it will reflect on them. Experienced Surrey painters like Blue Chip understand this and can also help you select the ideal combination of exterior paint colours to suit your home.

How Our Surrey Painters Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

The quickest way to increase curb appeal is to paint (or stain):

  • Siding and/or stucco
  • Front entrance stairs, railings and porch
  • All windowsills, frames and trim
  • Front yard fence

Painting the above will go a long way to increasing curb appeal. You could also paint or stain:

  • Fascia and soffits under the roof line
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Back yard stairs and rails
  • Back yard fences
  • Garages and/or sheds

Selling Your House? Our Experienced Surrey Painters Can Help

Blue Chip Painting is fast becoming a favourite Surrey house painter. Jeremy and his team have earned a reputation for great work and customer service. If you’re selling your home, contact us for a house painting quote. We’ll show you how you can increase your house’s curb appeal affordably with exterior painting done right.