Last month, we began examining 2016 surrey house painting colour trends including the colour of the year: off-white. This month, we’ll look at Sherwin-Williams 2016 colour forecast families. See four colour palettes that will be popular this year, adding interest and character to houses, apartments and condos.

Sampler from the Sherwin-Williams 2016 Colour Forecast Families

Off-white is not the only colour that house painters in Surrey will be asked about this year. The 2016 colour trends include quite a range.

This year’s colour trends are described well by Sherwin-Williams colour forecast families, named: Pura Vida, Mas Amor Por Favor, Nouveau Narrative and Trajectory. Regardless of what they’re named, the colours are inspired by our changing world.

Pura Vida

Earthy, warm, natural and neutral, traditional, conservative, classic, safe, and satisfying. These are very trendy colours, and will remain so in Surrey BC houses for years to come. Many house painters will recognize these neutral colours from years past.

Pure Vida house paint colours

Mas Amor Por Favor

Outdoor, vintage, social, warm, fun, cross-generational appeal. Though you might not choose all of these for your house, a touch here or there, for a feature wall, or a certain room in your home will add contrast and style.

Mas Amor Por Favor Colour Family

Nouveau Narrative

Colours that harken back to early 20th century, hand-made or 1st generation industrial-made craft. This “old” aesthetic is new again – being embraced by the maker movement – doers and creators of peer-led learning through doing. These trendy colours are likely to strike a chord with the younger generations of Surrey house owners. They are fairly safe colours that our painting company has seen in past years, as well.

Nouvea Narrative House Paint Colour Family


On trajectory and with great looking style, Sherwin-Williams suggests that these colours are inspired by our fast-paced, ever-changing world of technology and are evocative of a future that keeps arriving at seemingly quicker intervals (if that’s possible). They are beautiful colours that trend followers and trend ignorers alike may find a use for. These colours are subtle, but bold and will nicely highlight your off-white of choice. Surrey house painters will see more of these choices this year, and, we’ve seen them in past years, too. “What’s old is new again” as the saying goes. It’s true for any trend, including house painting.

Trajectory House Paint Colour Family

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