With COVID-19 changing the way that we live and how businesses operate, you are probably starting to wander if it will be possible to complete your painting project in Surrey, BC. this year. Given the physical (social) distancing measures that we are all practicing, maybe you are wondering if you can even collect house painting estimates.

These are strange times that we are facing to be sure, and service businesses such as painting have had to alter the way that we do business and limit certain services to help flatten the curve and stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

The interior painting services in Surrey, BC. that we offer have been greatly impacted. It is exceedingly difficult to maintain physical distancing while inside your home or office. Therefore, we recommend putting your interior projects on hold unless the premises are vacant. If your project must go ahead, then upon written authorization from you, we would proceed with a very well laid out plan of attack, including minimal interaction with you, disinfecting of surfaces, wearing of masks and gloves, etc…

Our exterior painting services are still in full force, however. Crews are a little smaller so to abide by physical distancing, but we are still able to offer great service in this area.

Our approach to estimating during this time has changed. All COVID-19 precautionary guidelines will be adhered to as per Health Canada’s recommendations.

Why Get House Painting Estimates During a Pandemic?

  • Because prices are cheaper! Why not take advantage of that fact?
  • The demand for house painting estimates is lower right now, so we have lowered our prices to stay busy and keep our crews fed. Supply and demand.

Is It Safe To Get House Painting Estimates During a Pandemic?

  • Whit us it is.
  • For all house painting estimates, we will provide you with a digital copy rather than a paper version.
  • For exterior estimates we will still come to your house to do our measurements and take pictures. This can be done in person with you while maintaining a two-meter physical distance, or we can complete the estimate process with you over video or phone call.

Things You Can Do to Prepare for The Estimate

  • Do your own walk around of your house and make a list of questions for us.
  • Decide on which surfaces of your house you would like included in the painting quote. For example: siding, window trim, fascia-boards, doors, garage door, deck, fence, etc…
  • If you are considering changing the colours, make a note and let us know this.

We are confident in our ability to provide exterior painting estimates during the pandemic without any risk to your health. Having gone completely digital with our process we will not be handing you anything that could transmit the virus.

Receive Your Digital House Painting Estimates

If you are looking for a great house painting company in Surrey, BC. that will respect social distancing guidelines and provide you with an free digital painting estimate, contact us today!