It’s Springtime, and you’re out in your garden getting the beds back into shape after winter. You look up at your house and see that the paint on your fascia boards is peeling. Uh-oh, time to call a good Surrey painter you say. Before you do that, inspect your roof first. You may remember the leak in the roof on which you did that temporary fix back in December. It’s not going to hold forever; the house really needs a new roof. Which to do first?

A good Surrey painting company will always tell you to get your roof done first. Despite being a safety issue, roofing should also be done before painting so not to scuff up and get dirt all over your new paint job. Exterior painting is essential to making sure that your siding and trim are well protected from the rain and sun. But if your roof caves in on you, you won’t much care if your fascia-boards are rotten.

The guys at DC Roofing in Surrey, BC know this and advise the same. “Always inspect your roof first. The roof must always be installed before the painting is done” says Dale, owner of the company. “There is too great of an opportunity for us to scratch the new paint job or get dirt on it. Especially if it’s a wet day. Put on your new roof, then paint. It’ll cost you less money and be a better product at the end of the day.”

Dale reminds us that when a new roof is put on, often the gutters are replaced as well. “If you want to replace your gutters, install them after the painting is done. That way the roofers won’t ding them up, and the painters won’t get paint on them.”

In Short, Inspect Your Roof First

  1. Have your new roof installed. If you need a reputable company that offers free roofing estimates, give the guys at DC Roofing in Surrey, BC a try.
  2. Hire a qualified Surrey painter to complete your exterior house painting project, who knows how to protect your new roof while working.
  3. Install your new gutters.

Here at Blue Chip Painting in Surrey, BC, we are committed to making sure that your home is well taken care of. That includes working around a brand-new roof even though it would be easier to paint the house before hand. We want to make sure that at the end of the day, you are getting the best product.

If you do replace your gutters, make sure to inquire about different colour options. White is not the only colour available for gutters, and you want them to tie in with the new paint job on your home.

Free Exterior Painting Estimates

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