Finding commercial painters in Surrey, BC is easy enough, although finding excellent commercial painters can be a difficult challenge. With this in mind, we present a list of clues that you may want to switch to a better commercial painting company.

Top 10 Reasons Clients Switch to Another Surrey Painter

No Website

It’s all too common for freelance painters and painting moonlighters to not have a website or business card. The lack of a website really sends a message to prospective clients. That message is “We don’t care” or “It’s not important, because we’ll find work anyway”.

No Gallery

Companies that don’t have a website, probably won’t have a gallery of completed painting jobs. If you’re considering a Surrey painter and they don’t have a gallery to see real examples of their work, that may be a clue you should find another painting company.

No Client Testimonials

If a Surrey painter doesn’t have client testimonials or can’t refer you to clients for references, it may be because their work is sub-par.

Hard to Reach by Phone

We’ve had this experience ourselves with other trades. Some tradespeople find phone calls an annoyance and take days to call back or don’t call back at all. At Blue Chip Painting we make every effort to call as soon as possible, generally the same day. If it’s urgent, we’ll return your call as soon as possible.

Unprofessional Conduct

Cursing, loud music, smoking, and other distractions have no place on the job. While the Blue Chip team is easy going, we keep chit chat to a minimum and behave as professional painters should. Our clients appreciate the courtesy and it helps us stay focused on our work.

Don’t Clean Up

Few Surrey commercial painters take clean-as-you-go, end-of-day cleanup and end-of-job cleanup as seriously as we do. You’ve paid for painting, and in our book, cleanup is an integral part of the job.

Take Too Long or Seem to Be in a Hurry

If the Surrey painting company you currently use takes too long, it may be a sign they are either out of their depth, understaffed, or are overbooked so can’t get to your job as fast as you’d like. Conversely, some overbooked painters hurry through work so they can get paid faster and move on to another job.

Sloppy Painting Technique

Sloppy painting is often a result of a painter(s) hurrying to complete the work so they can move on to the next job, or a more lucrative job. Regardless of the size of the job, Blue Chip Painting follows the same high standards and attention to detail. We understand that a satisfied client is the best advertising that money can’t buy!

Become Defensive When They Hear Constructive Criticism

While nobody likes criticism, really hearing customers is how Surrey painters can become better than our competitors. We want our customers’ honest feedback so we can maintain our reputation for “Blue Chip quality”, as premiere painters in Surrey, BC.

No Painting Guarantee

If a painting company doesn’t guarantee their work, you should ask them “Why?”. We’re confident in our experience, skill and workmanship, so we offer a painting guarantee to all our residential and commercial painting customers.

Ready to Switch to Better Commercial Painters in Surrey?

If you’re ready to switch to experienced commercial painters in Surrey who care about quality and customer service, contact us. If you haven’t chosen a painting company yet, consider Blue Chip Painting. Since 2006, we’ve brought our skill and “blue chip customer care” to every job we do. Check out our painting portfolio and testimonials.