If you’re going to go to the time and expense of home painting in Surrey BC, it’s wise to do as much as possible to extend the life of the paint job. A little preventive maintenance can slow down paint decay and prevent cracking, rot and fading. Blue Chip Painting recommends an annual visual inspection.

Get it Right the First Time

First and foremost, home exterior painting is only as good as the materials and techniques used by the painters. Ensure that the painters who paint or stain your home’s exterior properly prepare surfaces, and use high-quality paints/stains and an adequate number of coats. While some painters in South Surrey BC use “budget” paints and stains and skimp on preparation steps to save time and money, at Blue Chip Painting we use high-quality paints, stains and the necessary preparation steps so your paint job will go the distance. Preparation includes cleaning surfaces, scraping loose paint, and dealing with mold or mildew that can cause problems down the road.

Yearly Exterior Painting Visual Inspection

We recommend inspecting your Surrey home’s exterior at least once per year. A visual inspection can catch small problems before they become big, costly issues. Some of the visual inspection can be conducted from the ground, but you’ll need to climb a ladder to look at some window casements, eaves, gutters and downpipes. A visual inspection takes a keen eye and comfort with heights! For these reasons, many of our clients hire us for yearly inspections and maintenance painting.

Inspection Checklist

Cracked and loose paint
Identify paint that is starting to crack or is already loose. Cracked paint will eventually flake off and expose wood to the elements. Loose paint should be repainted as soon as possible, providing the area has time to dry so you don’t seal in the moisture and cause further issues.
Faded stain
Stain can fade for several reasons: improperly prepared surfaces, poor stain quality, direct sunlight or constant moisture. Peeling can occur of stain is brushed or sprayed on too thick.
Properly cleaning surfaces before staining and choosing a high-quality stain or stain-sealant-in-one can go a long way to ensuring stain properly penetrates wood surfaces and is more resistant to fading.
Mold and mildew
Mold and mildew often affect shaded sides of your home’s exterior (often the north-facing side) but can grow nearly anywhere there is moisture and on nearly any surface. In addition to examining the shaded side, inspect areas that are exposes to moisture. Examine areas of gutter run-off, near the ground (at the bottom of siding or stucco) and behind plants planted near the foundation.

Trim hedges and other plants back so they aren’t touching exterior surfaces. Plants can wick moisture onto exterior siding and stucco. If you find mold, it can be removed with special mold killers that can be purchased at paint/hardware stores.
Wood or stucco rot is usually caused by excessive or ever-present moisture. Check for rot near the ground or wherever there is constant moisture. To prevent rot, make sure the bottom side of exterior surfaces are properly prepared and painted, trim plants away from siding/stucco, and ensure the bottom edge of siding or stucco is not covered by dirt or otherwise touching the ground.
Clogged gutters and leaking downpipes
A clogged gutter or leaking downpipe can cause spillover. Water spillover can stain or degrade painted or stained surfaces over time and lead to rot. Look for water staining near the gutter, where spillover hits the siding, and at ground level below the spillover or downpipe leak.  Examine gutters and clear debris yearly or as needed and ensure that gutters and downpipes are working properly.
Dirt and grime
Inspect siding and stucco for dirt and grime build-up. Hosing down exteriors with a garden hose and nozzle is often enough to stop a build-up of dirt and grime that can degrade paint or stain. If you choose to pressure wash your home’s exterior, be careful! While vinyl siding will usually withstand a pressure washing, be cautious when pressure washing wood siding and stucco. For wood and stucco, use lower pressure and a nozzle to disperse the water.

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Need Exterior Paint Inspection and Maintenance?

If you’d like an exterior paint/stain inspection from one of the most trusted painters in Surrey BC, contact us for a free consultation and estimate. The experts at Blue Chip Painting can inspect and itemize inspection findings and prioritize paint or stain maintenance work.